Microcontroller Introduction with Raspberry Pi Pico

In-Person Training at NERD Summit

Microcontroller Introduction with Raspberry Pi Pico is for beginners interested in home automation, robots, or IoT (Internet of Things). Microcontrollers are the brains behind most electronic devices. They are everywhere; in your washing machines, cameras, security alarms, smart devices, traffic lights, and more. The Pi Pico is Rasberry Pi's microcontroller development board, making learning this technology accessible and affordable.

 Training Overview

This three-hour training combines lectures and hands-on with a live instructor online. Topics covered include:

  • Basics of a microcontroller
  • Capabilities and features of the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Ways to use a microcontroller in your home
  • Basic electronic and physical computing concepts
  • How to control the Pi Pico using Micropython
  • How to write simple Micropython programs and install them on a Pi Pico

Hands On

Students will use a Pi Pico to control LEDs and sensors using Micopython. Experience will include:

  • Installing and getting familiar with the Thonny IDE
  • Writing Micropython programs
  • Wiring a breadboard to connect a Pi Pico to LEDs and sensors
  • Set up Pi Pico to execute Mircopython
  • Copying files and libraries Pi Pico
  • Finding and using sample programs for online resources

Each student is provided a starter kit with a Raspberry Pi Pico, breadboard, wires, resistors, LEDs, and sensors.


$50 - Includes a starter kit with a Raspberry Pi Pico.


Computer with:

  • Most recent version of your operating system (MACOS, Windows or Linux)
  • Administrator permissions to install software
  • High speed internet access
  • USB Type A port (Macs user may require a USB-C to USB-A converter)
  • Chromebook cannot be used

When and Where

March 8, 2024

NERD Summit

Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center
at UMass Amherst in Amherst, Massachusetts.

For more details about NERD Summit, visit www.NERDSummit.org

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