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Reflecting on 400

talking drupal Dec 11, 2023
Episode 400

On May 30, 2013, I sat behind a microphone with four friends and talked about Drupal.   Four hundred episodes later, the Talking Drupal podcast is stronger than ever.   The show is different and still the same.   Over the past ten years, some of the hosts have changed, and the format has changed. But, the love for Drupal and the community has remained the same.

Congratulations, John, Nic, and Martin.


Stepping Down

In June of 2021, I recorded my last episode as a co-host.   Eight months before that, I decided I could no longer keep up the show's pace and needed change.   I shared my decision with John and Nic, and they stepped up big time by taking over all the weekly duties I handled independently.   They have carried Talking Drupal from episodes 300 to 400, a quarter of the shows.

Stepping Back

While not my plan, I always stayed involved with the show.   After a few months of reprise from the weekly grind, I started helping in the background. I provided input and support in places that needed help and continued to do so.

Looking back, I may have stayed if we had spread the production tasks better. But, as I see the show now, it's better without me.    We have rotating guest hosts and weekly contributions from Martin.   I've been able to provide value in other areas over the past 100 episodes.

John and Nic

John and Nic were always the talents on the show. John is the personality, and Nic is the technician. But, beyond those skills, they are both excellent people that work well together. Their grace and commitment to the show, guests, and listeners cannot be understated.   I'm honored to have them as friends.


Content... Drupal

It's hard to talk about anything for over 4oo hours. But, Drupal, the product, and Drupal, the community, have made that easy.   If Drupal had sucked, this podcast would have ended long ago.  

Rarely, a guest we contacted did not join us. For example, Drupal's founder, Dries Buytaert,  joined us on episode #38 and has continued to join us whenever we have asked over the past ten years.

Hard Work 

Great topics and good relationships don't automatically result in 400 episodes over ten years. It's hard work.   A weekly podcast is challenging to deliver.   Since episode 300, Talking Drupal has not missed a weekly show. Nic has been committed to providing a Monday release, while John has episodes scheduled 30 - 90 days out.   It's incredible.  


We have support from patrons that help fund the products and services used to produce Talking Drupal. In addition, having feedback from listeners makes it easier for hosts to keep going. Talking Drupal appreciates all listeners and contributors.  

Moving Forward

We have more changes planned. But, as in the past, we will implement them slowly in a way that keeps our commitment to producing a regular show.

Thank You from me

  • Everyone that has supported Talking Drupal.  
  • Erica, Meg, and Allie for tolerating the nights and weekends.
  • John and Nic for making TD what it is today.

"We have one thing in common; we love Drupal."