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3 Tips - Online Training with Ecamm Live and Zoom

online training Jan 04, 2024

I've been using Ecamm Live for less than 30 days and just conducted my first online training.    I faced two challenges leading to this first training. I had never used ECamm, and I had never taught a course like this online.   Below are three tips in preparing for your first online training.

My Setup

My course, Microcontroller Introduction with a Raspberry Pi Pico, combines lectures, demonstrations, and exercises.   This course is for non-techies and techies to learn the basics of programming in Micropython on a microcontroller.

I use three cameras:

(1) pointing a me
(2) top-down close-up at my desk, showing a microcontroller wiring
(3) pointing at the screen of an oscilloscope

In Ecamm, I have eight scenes, including single-camera and multiple-camera views, presentation slides, a code editor, and a web browser.


Tip 1 - Zoom Resolution

When using Ecamm Live with Zoom, you don't use Zoom screen sharing; you share your screen within your scene, and your Ecamm Live scenes are shared through your Zoom video using the "Ecamm Live Virtual Cam" as your camera.

There is an issue with the resolution of your Ecamm Live Virtual Cam presented in the Zoom meeting. As you can see from this screenshot, in the student's view, the resolution is low, making the text not legible.

By default, Zoom prioritizes screen-sharing video quality over camera quality. As a result, when you share your screen through your Ecamm Live Virtual Cam, you don't get 720p resolution. This is quickly resolved by contacting Zoom Support with an email like this:

Subject: Improving Resolution for Ecamm Presentations

Hello, I'm currently using Ecamm Live for event presentations into Zoom but finding the resolution is unusable. Can my account be upgraded to Group HD 720p?

Thank you.

Within a few days, I was able to turn on "Meeting-HD Video Quality," and students could see this quality instead:



Tip 2 - Student View

When the Zoom meeting starts, make sure students set their view to:

1. Fullscreen

2. Speaker View

3. Pin your video.  This is accomplished with a right-mouse on your video.

These settings ensure students see the high quality available and have a smooth experience.

Tip 3 - Monitor Zoom

I connected to the meeting from another computer.  This allowed me to monitor what the students were seeing.  In my first training, I forgot to switch scenes a few times.  Having the students' view nearby reminded me to switch scenes.


BONUS Tip - Family and Friends

Use your family and friends to practice and verify everything is working properly. 



Zoom - Using Group HD video