Linux Content

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Most of my education and entertainment (aka content) comes from podcasts and YouTube. My Linux journey started from those sources and continues today. While this list is fluid, in February 2020 my podcast and YouTube subscriptions include, in no particular order:


  • Linux for Everyone - Host, Jason, recently switched to Linux and has the switcher insight into Linux. He is a talented writer and entertainer.
  • Ask Noah Show - Weekly tech radio show with a Linux slant.
  • Destination Linux - A podcast from techies that love Linux.
  • Going Linux - Long time show (380+ episodes), a discussion format, much like my show It's just a good listen.


  • Big Daddy Linux - A weekly live show and "spotlight" interviews with people in the Linux world.
  • Distro Tube - In depth videos about all things Linux.
  • Chris Titus Tech - Another switcher that shares how-to and review videos.
  • Joe Collins - Also known as EzeeLinux, educated on a broad range of Linux topics. His channel is a great resource learning in plain English.
  • Luke Smith - An open source, privacy guy. Simple and insightful.
  • LearnLinuxTV - A well rounded show about a variety of software and hardware topics.