I switched to Linux, you can too.

In 2005 I made the switch from Windows to Mac as my primary desktop working environment. Thirteen years later I made a similar switch to Linux. And eighteen months after the switch, this Apple 'fan boy' is not looking back.

For a full stack Drupal developer, a Linux development environment makes sense. In this session, I will share the reasons why I switched to Linux, how it has impacted my day-to-day tasks, the ease and pain points of the switch. We will cover:

  • Reasons to switch to Linux
  • The easy way and the hard way
  • Choosing a distribution
  • Transition plan
  • Software compatibility and alternatives
  • Breaking away from the Apple ecosystem or not
  • One year after the switch and moving forward

Presentation Slides Here

07/24/19 @ Drupal GovCon - Bethesda, MD.

From User Acceptance Testing to Automated Testing

Development workflows, continuous integration and automated testing are a hot topics, and should be. As teams rush to implement and improve their DevOps strategies, one thing hasn’t changed, testing is a afterthought. Effective automated testing begins with effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This session will explore a proven strategy to implement Behat into your development workflow.

Topics covered:

  • What is User Acceptance Testing
  • The positive impact simple UAT has on the development process and team
  • Steps to implement UAT
  • Getting started with Behat
  • Effective use of Behat
  • Tips for using Behat on a Drupal project

Presentation Slides Here

07/26/19 @ Drupal GovCon - Bethesda, MD.

06/27/19 @ Design4Drupal - Boston, MA.
11/17/18 @ New England Drupal Camp
10/12/2018 @ Baltimore Drupal Camp
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